Global recognition: Kastoria International Fur Fair Approved as a UFI International Event

The Kastoria Fur Association “The Prophet Elias” is now a full member of the UFI Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, as the most widely acclaimed exhibition certification body has approved the Association’s application as “Exhibition Organizers”.

This is an extremely significant development for the Greek fur industry, and mainly for the Kastoria International Fur Fair, which now bears the accreditation title of a "UFI Approved International Event”  and has officially won recognition in the global firmament of trade fair organizations.

In addition, this is a huge success for a Greek trade exhibition since there are only six (6) in Greece that have managed to acquire the UFI label, the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair (TIF-HELEXPO) being one of these few.

UFI certification is awarded following specific audits and based on strict criteria, which must be met by both the Organizer and the Event itself. The KASTORIA International Fur Fair, as the award proves, meets these qualitative and quantitative criteria.

TIF-HELEXPO offered the Kastoria Fur Association invaluable assistance in its attempt to be certified, by providing the guidance of its experienced associates but also by undersigning the KASTORIA International Fur Fair  as a co-organizer, thus leading to this positive outcome.

It is worth pointing out that UFI has certified 741 organizations in 86 countries while over 950 international trade fairs proudly bear the “UFI-Approved Event” label.

Among them are the most important national and international exhibition organizations and select firms of the exhibition industry worldwide.



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