VITO PONTI - PHOTO.jpgThe Fur creations of Vito Ponti combine harmoniously the high quality of top material, daring stylish judgement and exquisite craftsmanship in production and in detail. The classicality and the modernization which are presented in the models of Vito Ponti, emphasize the style and personality of every woman.

Founded in 1999

VITO PONTI was founded on 1st of July 1999 in Kastoria – Greece, the metropolis and birthplace of the global fur industry dating back two centuries. The unique design and the superb quality of Vito Ponti furs was immediately recognised by our customers worldwide and set the foundations of what we have become today: A globally recognised and established brand specialised on creating the most exclusive and stylish fur garments for you.


Being faithful in our core values, allowed the brand to expand rapidly over the years with strategic partnerships all over the world. VITO PONTI has strong presence in Greece, Cyprus, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and many more former USSR countries

Our 3000 square meters factory & headquarters are located at Maniaki Bridge area in Kastoria, Greece. Our team of experienced fashion designers and skilled craftsmen are using state of the art equipment and top of the line fur skins acquired from international fur auctions such as NAFA, Saga Furs, Sojuzpushnina, Kopenhagen Fur, Fur Harvesters to create in-house exclusive and stylish handmade fur garments with fine detail.

Our Vision

We are constantly looking new ways and techniques to improve our craft. Radical and bold ideas are welcomed & embraced within our brand.  Our vision for the future is reflected by our core values and those values are imprinted in our souls as we embark our journey to the future with one bold step at a time.

Gefira Maniakon, Kastoria, Greece 52100
Tel.: +30 24670 80045 
Fax:  +30 24670 80091 
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