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Mink fur coats made exclusively in Kastoria by FINEZZA FURS since 1991. FINEZZA FURS carries the tradition and experience of Greek fur manufacturing.  Based in the city of Kastoria, three families of fur manufacturers work together to design and create unique fur collections of Blackglama mink, Black Nafa mink, lynx, chinchilla and sable fur coats.

Visit or contact the new FINEZZA fur showroom at Dispilio of Kastoria Tel. :  + 30 24670 85850 and FINEZZA FURS fur factory at Chloe area of Kastoria Tel. :  +30 24670 23312

Find maps of both fur stores here http://www.finezzafur.com/stores

Full contact details :

Factory : Chloe area, Kastoria 52100, Greece, P.O. Box 32

Tel : +30 24670 23312

Showroom : Dispilio, Kastoria, Greece

Tel. : + 30 24670 85850  

Mob. : + 30 6942253549, +30 6974127039

Fax :  +30 24670 29276

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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