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Buying sable is a unique experience and the best advice is to buy sable furs at official fur stores where fur products come with the appropriate certification. Such fur stores should always provide the right information on how the sable fur was obtained and of course how to treat sable furs. ACTIVE Furs is the largest manufacturer of sable furs in the world, providing guaranteed quality sable fur coats. Sable skins used in ACTIVE Furs garments are only purchased in the Sojuzpushnina fur auction in St.Petersburg. Our company is proud to own the top lots of the Sojuzpushnina sable fur auction for 2015. ACTIVE provides all necessary certificates upon purchase of any sable fur product. Sable experts and fur consultants at the ACTIVE fur factory in Kastoria will help you come up with a single unique sable fur coat or an Exclusive sable fur collection.


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